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Get Deck Awnings Ideas Pics. 13 creative ways to cover your patio | hunker. For an area where you may want sun exposure some of the time and want shade at others, a retractable awning may be the right choice.

Best Retractable Awning Ideas for Outdoor Deck & Patios
Best Retractable Awning Ideas for Outdoor Deck & Patios from

Designing and building your deck can be easier than you think. If you like the outdoors and wish you could increase your comfort level to block the sun or protecting your deck furniture, awnings cover could be exactly what you want. Our design experts have compiled a full list of awning options for the patio, deck, porch or even the pool.

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I think this is my most diy favorite project i have ever done, and the home depot definitely made it. My deck is crappy, and its 10x12ft, and it has a big glass door as wide as the whole deck. These boys are fantastic great knowledge. To view store specific needs.