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29+ Nimby Not In My Backyard Definition PNG. Not in my back yard: This term is believed to be first used in 1980 in the christian science monitor, an international news organization however its use in hazardous waste.

Nimby | Not in my backyard
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Nimby, for not in my back yard. History and etymology for nimby. The acronym stands for don't trash our city, and ranges from issues su.

A person who opposes particular construction or projects in their community.

Nimby (not in my back yard) is a widely used but lesser known acronym. When members of a community unite together to oppose the establishment that is not desired due to the hazardous nature of their activities, and sometimes against the establishment of institutions such as hospitals and school, due to a fear of being subject to. What is not in my backyard (nimby). Nimby (also nimbyism, nimby syndrome) is an acronym for not in my back yard.2 the term describes people who act in their own interests to oppose nearby development of a technology or service from which they benefit and would otherwise support (this is related to nimtoo.