20+ Permaculture Backyard Swales Pictures

20+ Permaculture Backyard Swales Pictures. Swales are trenches used in permaculture to irrigate farmland, mitigating stormwater runoff, reduce erosion, and improve soil home →. Mini swales in an urban backyard.

Swales and sheet mulch: starting a backyard permaculture ...
Swales and sheet mulch: starting a backyard permaculture … from teresasgarden.files.wordpress.com

They capture surface runoff and send it deep into the aquifer, both nourishing trees and reducing erosion. In this video, a permaculture gardener takes us on a tour of his backyard. A swale is a combination of a trench dug on a contour, with a berm on the downhill side.

Permaculture swales can ease the effort of food production while improving the local ecology.

Swales—shallow trenches that help slow and soak up excess permaculture author amy stross suggests using swales as borders for raised beds or filling with gravel for visually appealing pathways. There are many definitions for the holistic design system known as permaculture and the word itself derives from the combinations of permanent culture and permanent agriculture. Permaculture design and consultancy based in the south west of western australia. Berms and swales on contour are a defining element of permaculture design.